Table of Content

1. Introduction

2. Sustainable Development

2.1 Economic growth and development

2.2 Five possible channels through which development becomes unsustainable

2.2.1 An overview

2.2.2 Five channels

2.3 Key requirements for sustainability

2.3.1 Behavioral requirements: balancing acts and creative pursuits

2.3.2 Institutions and governance

3. Implications of Societal Values for Sustainable Development

3.1 Societal values, human actions and interactions, institutions and governance

3.2 Measurements of values and institutions

3.3 Value orientations and behavioral implications

3.3.1 Vertical collectivism

3.3.2 Tendencies to avoid uncertainty

3.3.3 Postponement of gratification

3.3.4 Relations between value orientations

3.4 Possible effects of value orientations on sustainable development

3.4.1 Direct effects on the balancing acts and creative pursuit

3.4.2 Possible effects on institutions and governance

4. Eight Asian Countries

4.1 Overview

4.2 Dimensions of value orientations and their economic implications

4.3 Asian countries

4.3.1 Growth and development

4.3.2 Values and sustainability

5. Summary and Conclusions

6. Notes on Methodology

7. References

8. About the Author