Table of Content


SGI Project Team

Assessment Overview

Executive Summary


Status Index

Quality of Democracy

S 1 Electoral Process

S 2 Access to Information

S 3 Civil Rights

S 4 Rule of Law

Policy Performance

Economy and Employment

S 5 Economy

S 6 Labor Market

S 7 Enterprises

S 8 Taxes

S 9 Budgets

Social Affairs

S 10 Health Care

S 11 Social Inclusion

S 12 Families

S 13 Pensions

S 14 Integration


S 15 External Security

S 16 Internal Security


S 17 Environment

S 18 Research and Innovation

S 19 Education

Management Index

Executive Capacity

Steering Capability

M 1 Strategic Capacity

M 2 Inter-ministerial Coordination

M 3 Evidence-based Instruments

M 4 Societal Consultation

M 5 Policy Communication

Policy Implementation

M 6 Effective Implementation

Institutional Learning

M 7 Adaptability

M 8 Organizational Reform Capacity

Executive Accountability


M 9 Citizens´┐Ż Participatory Competence


M 10 Structures and Resources of Parliamentary Actors

M 11 Parliamentary Accountability and Oversight

Intermediary Organizations

M 12 Media

M 13 Parties and Interest Associations

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