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Series: Democracy & Sustainability

A Cooperation between FES Sustainability and SGI News

December 17, 2012 | by SGI NEWS

One question, two perspectives: FES Sustainability and SGI News investigate the relationship between sustainability and democracy.

In cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, SGI News is launching a new series of articles. It investigates the factors that influence the success or failure of sustainability policy: Two authors tackle the same question from different perspectives, and present their findings simultaneously for FES Sustainability and SGI News.

In Part 1 of our series, the political scientists Ingolfur Blühdorn and Stefan Wurster discuss whether sustainability is a question of regime type, and look to identify the factors that make for successful sustainability policy:

The Best Possible Option? Please find Stefan Wurster's article here.

Opening the discursive arena – Struggling for an innovative debate. Please find Ingolfur Blühdorn's article here.


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